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The weight of the concrete beehive makes transportation challenging. The Concrete Beehive version 2 was designed to improve mobility of the hives to provide pollination services to farmers who require crop pollination. 

The concrete hive was adapted to house a standard size wooden hive that can easily be removed from the concrete hive with no disturbance to the bees. 


Nectar honey is a ripened, pure, raw and non-irradiated product. Our honey is minimally filtered to ensure only excess wax is removed from the product, keeping it as natural as possible. We use a honey extractor, which is a container that holds a spinning frame basket which uses centripetal force to extract the honey. 


The concrete beehive was designed to address a number of problems experienced when using conventional hives. These problems included theft, vandalism, runaway fires and maintenance. 

The conventional Longstroth wooden hive did not have protection against any of these threats. Theft is a major problem faced by beekeepers where honey gets stolen from the hive and in some cases complete beehives have been stolen at a great loss to the beekeeper. 


Honeybee numbers are declining dramatically, and the value of bees cannot be overestimated. We at Nectar Honey strive to increase the bee population in a certain area through a widespread and extensive bee repopulation project. 

The availability of food or nectar limits the number of hives that can be placed in one location. 

A minimum of 3 hives or maximum of 6 hives are placed together to form an apiary. These apiaries are located at least 6 kilometers apart in order to be sustainable. 

Bees increase through a process called swarming, this happens when an established swarm divides into two or more independent swarms. The core swarm remains behind and the migrating swarm seeks a new home.

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